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Yes, Shma’am!

29 Sep

Those of you who pay attention to 30 Rock will have seen the “Argus” episode (S04E19) in which Jenna falls for yet another man with an issue. As Liz Lemon finds out, this time his issue is that he’s a Jenna Maroney impersonator played by Will Forte of SNL fame. They met in a Jenna Mulroney Impersonator Contest, (in which Jenna placed 4th). Fabulous. For more, click here.


TaMMie Brown is “Clam Happy”!

23 Sep

Royal Spotlight: The ultra unique TaMMie Brown, who some folks couldn’t take on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has emerged with a clear goal of AWESOMENESS and can now be seen on RuPaul’s Drag U.

Learn about her inspirations, her new album Popcorn, and how NICE TaMMie is to her fans in a wonderful interview on Socialitelife…Preview: “I did like the movie Mommie Dearest, but I don’t like it as much now, since I’ve really gotten into and studied Joan Crawford. I’ve seen probably 60 of her 80 films…I do like Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo and I love Josephine Baker, and I’ve always liked her, she was around at the same time, but in France. She was an influence as well, and that’s sort of where my wackier faces came from…It wasn’t Lucille Ball – people always think ‘Oh it’s Lucille Ball’…no, no, no…”

Now, STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING, and watch TaMMie in “Clam Happy”

More videos available online here:

Heklina! Trannyshack (San Francisco) Archives

22 Sep

In 2007, San Francisco’s longest-running (alternative-y) drag show sadly came to an end. Get Hecklina’s take on her farewell show in “Trannyshack’s Final Bumponline here.  This place was epic. While the Trannyshack name lives in various spotlight shows across the country, the San Francisco spot was truly unique and HighKixx will be highlighting fab performances from the “way-back-then” every so often.

For your first installment, feast your eyes on the 2007 Pageant with Hoku Mama Swamp as Queen Elizabeth I.

In the meantime, if you can’t stay away, need your fix, or just want to stay in contact, email to sign up for event emails!

CLASS is in Session!

22 Sep

Please take my advice and plaster yourself to the television every Monday night to watch RuPaul’s most recent TV dragorama – Drag U. It is, in the immortal words of one of the true critics of our time, (Paula Abdul), PHE-NOMENAL!

In the most recent episode…EPISODE 7: Mothers vs Daughters (Original Air Date: 13 September 2010)  “A family of three is put to the test, as two daughters compete for top honors. Iconic TV mom Meredith Baxter sets their family ties straight as Visiting Professor.” With drag professors…

Ongina, Morgan McMichaels, and Tammy Brown

All I can say is FABULOUS on so many different levels. In fact, there are five things that I thought I would point out about this episode, and these five things are really universal themes for this show that RuPaul is doing. They are: the importance of core confidence, self-realization, positivity, energy, and conquering fears!

Catch up on Episode 7, and all the episodes here:

Show Review: LIPS NYC

9 Sep

We found that pickings are less than abundant on Sunday of Labor Day weekend – even in NYC. (“Everyone’s in the Hamptons, darling!”) We ended up at LIPS on 227 East 56th Street, and WHAT a great drag operation they have going. —Disclaimer: LIPS is a franchise (visit LIPS in San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, etc).— That being said, they deliver. These are professional queens. We saw Kenny Dash, who was fabulous in the face of quite a lot of New Jersey housewives (NOT of Bravo fame) and various sundry B&T (!

Like Broadway, LIPS is dark on Mondays, but they have shenanigans aplenty throughout the week, such as “Bitchy Bingo” on Wednesdays and “Gospel Bunch” on Sundays.

Here’s a nice little guide to LIPS and other established drag “experiences” in NYC:

Our LIPS are sealed!

5 Sep

LIPS on New York’s Upper East Side uses the following every week:

200 Pounds of Foundation
600 Sets of Eyelashes
50 Tubes of Mascara
150 Lipsticks
10 rolls of duct tape (oh my!)
and more glitter than all the elementary schools in New York

HOW FABuLOUS is that?! So, now I’m off to the Sunday night drag show at LIPS NYC. Can’t wait to report back!

From 9-5,


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