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Happy 50th, RuPaul!

20 Nov

From Connie in Crooklyn to Sachey Chantey to Don’t Fuck It Up! RuPaul is already a legend of fabulocity. Happy Birthday and here’s to many more years of game-changes from Ru!


Start Your Engines 3!

20 Nov

The 3rd season of America’s Next Drag Superstar – RuPaul’s groundbreaking and fabulous show on LOGO TV – will air in January 2011. has the best overview of the ladies and the third season of Drag Race. Meet the new cast: Alexis Mateo from St. Petersburg, FL; Carmen Carrera of Elmwood, NJ; Delta Work of Norwalk, CA; India Ferrah of Springfield, OH; Manila Luzon of New York City, NY; Mariah of Atlanta, GA; Mimi Imfurst of Astoria, NY; Phoenix of Atlanta, GA; Raja of West Hollywood, CA of Stacy Layne Matthews of Backswamp, NC; Venus D-Lite of Los Angeles, CA; Yara Sofia of  Bayamon, PR

Catch up on Season 2 and, in the case that you’re a fabulous queen, consider sending in your own audition tape!

Divine 54

9 Nov

I ran across some great old shots of Divine at Studio 54 andwanted to share. Here she is below with Andy Warhol, Halston, and (having the kind of party I think we’d all like to have) with Grace Jones.

Check out Moi Non Plus for some amazing snapshots, and watch the video below for an overview of the glory days of Studio 54…

Enter Poppycock Land

5 Nov

Prince Poppycock is putting “America’s Got Talent” on the map.

John Quale, also known as Prince Poppycock, is from Los Angeles and has been performing since 2006. According to the AGT website, Poppycock describes his performance as that of a “powdered-wigged baroque dandy”.

On his own website, Prince Poppycock offers a little fairytale about his origins, (as well as some fabulous photos):

In a magical realm far far away there lived the Crowned Prince of Absurdity, Prince Poppycock. Prince Poppycock was a celebrated singer and his days were filled with frivolity, merriment and music. The Kingdom of Poppycock where he lived was a golden utopia, where all citizens had not a care in the world… Everyone including the Prince was blissfully unaware of the dark trouble held in the Nefarious Nether Regions lurking just past the kingdom walls…”

Poppycock has made it to the final four – “You are magnificent!” or so says, Sharon Osbourne, one of three judges, along with Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel.  The show is hosted by Nick Cannon. It’s current incarnation was created by Simon Cowell. Prince Poppycock is in DC tonight.

Home Tour with Jackie Beat!!

2 Nov

The LA Times recently ran a great story, Drag chic: At Home with Jackie Beat, vintage queen by David Keeps that’s definitely worth a look.

Jackie Beat is quite the entertainer. According to her website

Drag superstar JACKIE BEAT has been entertaining audiences across the U.S. and in Europe for over ten years with her razor-sharp comedy and hysterical song parodies…Her one-woman show “Jackie Beat Is A Whole Lotta’ Love” ran a record 18 months at NYC’s premiere cabaret, Fez, and she returns every year with her award-winning, standing-room-only Christmas show…Jackie’s stand-up has been featured in comedy clubs across the country and on Comedy Central, VH-1 and MTV. She was recently a staff writer for the WB comedy series “Hype!”, has written for the Sci Fi Channel…and is currently the voice of Bertha on Nickelodeon’s animated series “Kung-Fu Spy Troll”. Jackie has also appeared on many TV shows and in several movies including “Flawless” with Robert DeNiro and the cult hit “Wigstock The Movie.

While we’re on the subject, Perez Hilton has a great post on Jackie Beat, complete with a link to her parody song – set to Cher’s Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves – about “the change” from Chastity to Chaz Bono.

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