Enter Poppycock Land

5 Nov

Prince Poppycock is putting “America’s Got Talent” on the map.

John Quale, also known as Prince Poppycock, is from Los Angeles and has been performing since 2006. According to the AGT website, Poppycock describes his performance as that of a “powdered-wigged baroque dandy”.

On his own website, Prince Poppycock offers a little fairytale about his origins, (as well as some fabulous photos):

In a magical realm far far away there lived the Crowned Prince of Absurdity, Prince Poppycock. Prince Poppycock was a celebrated singer and his days were filled with frivolity, merriment and music. The Kingdom of Poppycock where he lived was a golden utopia, where all citizens had not a care in the world… Everyone including the Prince was blissfully unaware of the dark trouble held in the Nefarious Nether Regions lurking just past the kingdom walls…”

Poppycock has made it to the final four – “You are magnificent!” or so says, Sharon Osbourne, one of three judges, along with Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel.  The show is hosted by Nick Cannon. It’s current incarnation was created by Simon Cowell. Prince Poppycock is in DC tonight.


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