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The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 3

26 Jan

Did you enjoy THAT??  The first episode was, of course, a review of the casting for this season’s drag race.  The second episode, and really the first of the true third season, “The Queen Who Mopped Xmas,” was fascinating with RuPaul looking AMAZING, as always, and Vanessa Williams adding some serious glam as Guest Judge.

Interestingly, you can already begin to see the fatigue that plagues every reality show once the new contestants have had the chance to watch a few seasons from home. For instance, in this early episode Venus D Lite is PISSED that Phoenix “steals” her crushed ornament innovation.  The girl was only trying to add a bit of Christmas glam to the sad thrift store frocks for the runway, and isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?!  Maybe, maybe not.  I could have let that go, but did you see that lip sync brawl??  Pretty bitchy queens for so early in the season, but still SO GREAT to watch.  Here’s to Season 3, and all its fabulous surprises!

Didn’t get to see the show?  SHAME.  Luckily, you can watch it here!  Check out NewNowNext’s Drag Ya Later for tons of extra great and related videos, as well as for the best recap ever.  Here’s the Highkixx recap, abbrev., for you:

Shangela, Drag Race Season 2, is back with a more polished look…

Mimi breaks her composure because she can’t sew – no worries Mimi, it’s not like that’s been a component of almost EVERY EPISODE since the BEGINNING of the SHOW….

Raja, the skinny bitch, wins!

Shangela and Venus D Lite brawl to Vanessa William’s forgotten classic, “The Right Stuff“.

We’ll miss you, Venus D Lite — you gave GOOD WIG.

UPDATE! Find out about the WINNER OF RuPaul’s DRAG RACE SEASON 3, here!


It’s the Final Countdown!

25 Jan

Get Ready!  Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is about to commence on LOGO, 9pm EST.  First, we meet the cast, then we get the very first episode of the third season!  Join RuPaul, special guest judge Vanessa Williams, and Alexis, Carmen, Delta, India, Manila, Mariah, Mimi, Phoenix, Raja, Stacy, Venus, and Yara, tonight!

Watch episodes online, and check out the cast and all kinds of other fun at will see you after for a rundown of the night’s fabulousness!

Cookie Monstar: O Captain! My Captain!

19 Jan

Cookie Monstar, (also known as Richard Rhodes), is a London drag queen who recently earned the title of “Forces Sweetheart” after performing in Germany for British troops serving in Afghanistan.

Forces Sweetheart is a title given to ladies who entertained troops in the Royal Air Force during the First and Second World Wars.  One of the first and most celebrated sweethearts was Vera Lynn, now Dame Vera Lynn, who sang for the troops during World War II.

Miss Cookie, (as Dame Vera Lynn calls her), has been performing for 15 years across London at locations like Madame JoJo’s in Soho, Cellar Door in Aldwych, and The 2 Brewers in Clapham.

This certainly isn’t the first time drag queens have performed for the troops, but it is a milestone since Cookie is the first to be given the Forces Sweetheart accolade!

Cookie said performing for the troops was a “great honour”, but admitted he was nervous before the show.  “I didn’t know what to expect at first because you have this idea of the Army as stiff upper-lip, but they couldn’t have been better.”  Cookie even sang We’ll Meet Again to the troops, the song made famous by Dame Vera Lynn.

Watch Cookie’s performance on the BBC1 show “Inside Out”…

Big Men in Pointy Shoes and Tutus — NOW THAT’S CLASSY!

12 Jan

Dear Highkixx reading public, meet Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.

This is a dance troupe that performs traditional ballet classics by Tchaikovsky and Chopin such as The Nutcracker, Les Sylphides, and many more.

Co-founded by Peter Anastos, Natch Taylor, and Antony Bassae, the “Trocks”, as they are called, have been performing since 1974 and are based in New York City.  What’s interesting about this company, and what qualifies it for Highkixx interest, is that it’s a ballet company composed of professional male dancers performing the full range classic and modern performances as they should be danced – tutus, pointe shoes, and all!  (And YOU thought it was hard to find size 13 stiletos!)

The troupe has been well acclaimed since the start.  A favorable critical review in The New Yorker by Arlene Croce in ’74 opened the company to a wider audience and the troupe even performed for Prince Charles in 2008.  (Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that fabulously repressed affair!)

Picture “mallerinas” en pointe as “swans, sylphs, water sprites, romantic princesses, and angst-ridden Victorian ladies”.

Read about The Trocks’ recently launched 3-week season, and check out Charleston Magazine for a fabulous overview: The Trocks’  “Go for Barocco” [in a] signature parody of Balanchine…”

Here’s a fun snippet from Moscow TV.

So, while the Trocks are not the traditional drag queen Highkixx generally covers, we just couldn’t resist.  These men are performers and illusionists and they do it dressed, in many cases, as little dainty ladies.  Gotta love it!

Big Wigs, Small Cities: The Sisters LeMay of the Hot Damn Trailer Park in Beaver Pond, Vermont

8 Jan

Every now and then, Highkixx highlights drag queens in small towns doing the kind of great stuff that the big city doesn’t leave room to do.  This week in Big Wigs, Small Cities, we introduce you to the Sisters LeMay.

According to the Legend of the House of LeMay, Amber & Margaurite, (the Sisters LeMay), came together in 1995 at the Hot Damn Trailer Park in Beaver Pond, Vermont.  Together, they have been entertaining locally for over ten years along with neighbor Lucy Belle LeMay.  (Lucy is quite the catch.  She holds the title of Miss Beaver Pond, and won Biggest Hair at Provincetown’s Carnival Week Drag Bingo.  If THAT’S not impressive, I’m really not sure what is!) The Sisters LeMay are expanding.  Find out about the full cast of characters here.

There’s more to these sisters than just big wigs.  Check out their most recent politically charged post about the upcoming presidential elections.  The ladies even have a documentary, Slingbacks and Syrup, which was an official selection for the Vermont International Film Fest in 2008.  Watch out for a spotlight on the Sisters LeMay on the upcoming March 12 episode of BUMP, the fab travel show on LOGO.

Finally, learn about upcoming Sisters LeMay events here, and do please let me know if any of you have had the honor of seeing the sisters perform live.  I’m seriously thinking about getting up to Vermont on Feb 12 for the 16th annual Winter is a Drag Ball in South Burlington.  What a hoot!

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