Cookie Monstar: O Captain! My Captain!

19 Jan

Cookie Monstar, (also known as Richard Rhodes), is a London drag queen who recently earned the title of “Forces Sweetheart” after performing in Germany for British troops serving in Afghanistan.

Forces Sweetheart is a title given to ladies who entertained troops in the Royal Air Force during the First and Second World Wars.  One of the first and most celebrated sweethearts was Vera Lynn, now Dame Vera Lynn, who sang for the troops during World War II.

Miss Cookie, (as Dame Vera Lynn calls her), has been performing for 15 years across London at locations like Madame JoJo’s in Soho, Cellar Door in Aldwych, and The 2 Brewers in Clapham.

This certainly isn’t the first time drag queens have performed for the troops, but it is a milestone since Cookie is the first to be given the Forces Sweetheart accolade!

Cookie said performing for the troops was a “great honour”, but admitted he was nervous before the show.  “I didn’t know what to expect at first because you have this idea of the Army as stiff upper-lip, but they couldn’t have been better.”  Cookie even sang We’ll Meet Again to the troops, the song made famous by Dame Vera Lynn.

Watch Cookie’s performance on the BBC1 show “Inside Out”…


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