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God Save The Queens!

29 Apr

Many of us remember the royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on July 29, 1981.

Now, the fairytale has been FINALLY rejuvenated with the marriage of Kate (now Princess Catherine) and Prince William, the future King of England.

(Thanks to PBS for the fabulous 13-minute, all-business clip of the wedding vows below!)

And, nevermind the hereditary puddle that is some of the rest of the royal family – ahem.

The marriage of William, the son of the beloved Diana, and Kate, the first middle-class Queen-in-Waiting, (and, if crowned, the first queen with a college education), has captured the hearts of all of us. Indeed, the queens of London have been A FLURRY for weeks in anticipation of this day.

Few have been busier than Dame Vesta Bules who, according to The Washington Post, has been performing almost non-stop for the last five weeks as Queen Elizabeth at Madame JoJo’s club in London.

You can even buy souvenirs from Dame Vesta Bules, The Queen of all Queen Elizabeth II(s), at the My Big Fat Royal Wedding Pop Up Shop. Here’s a tour of the some of the nic nacs being sold…

Comedian John Oliver also offers some commentary on what this wedding means for Britain, and even suggests the Royal Wedding is “like a Drag Queen’s Birthday Party”…

Let the Celebration begin! Long Live the Queen and the Queens who love her! Here’s to the next chapter…

Happy Wedding Day, Kate and William

xo Highkixx


The Things That Queens Leave Behind

15 Apr

This post is dedicated to a little queen we lost this week. Grrrrl, we’ll miss you and we think you would have enjoyed this kooky story about one fabulous drag queen…

In October 1993, friends of Dorian Corey, (a drag queen made famous for his role in Paris is Burning), were going through his things at his Harlem apartment. (Corey, 56, who had died of AIDS in August of 1993, was well-known for his tailoring skills.) As his friends dug through his wigs, sequined dresses, and feather boas, they stumbled onto a heavy trunk. Inside the trunk was a male body tucked into a fetal position, dried like a mummy, and wrapped in imitation leather.

The victim, later identified as Robert Wells, had a history of arrests for rape, burglary, and assault. It was determined he had died from a shot in the back of the head, and the he had been killed at least 15 years previously. His family had last seen him in in 1968.

While there were no additional clues in Corey’s apartment, Chi Chi Valenti, the producer of “Jackie 60,” (an underground club where Corey often performed), said there was a rumor that Corey had left a note explaining that he killed Wells in self-defense during a break-in.
We may never know the full story, but this much is true: Queens live fucking interesting lives!
Read the original New York Magazine article here, (page 50!) And, in an interesting addition to this story, check out a recent article from the NYTimes about the officer who investigated the case of Dorian Corey’s mummy in Harlem — apparently, he’s quite the public servant!

Quick Review: Season 3, Episode 13 “Make Dat Money”

14 Apr

In “Make Dat Money”, the ladies have to make various outfits with dollars, or rather, RuBucks. The runway was very interesting this time, and it is clear that the Final Four are all VERY talented.

Alas, I must say, this episode was a bit of a drag — and not in a good way. Manila and Raja are still being the Mean Girls, and Yara and Alexis are cracking under the pressure. No fun at all.

In short, Latoya guest judges (again), Manila wins, and Yara goes home.

Highkixx is interested in what you think. Watch the episode (if you haven’t already) and please do comment. While you’re making up your mind, check out which has, as usual, a great overview. Thanks to BuddyTv for the photos used in this post.

Did you miss the 2011 NewNowNext Awards?!

14 Apr

In case you did miss it, the short summary is this: James Van Der Beek hosted with a lovely gay scarf, and some delightful self-effacing jokes. Season 3 DragRace alums did a sexy-terrible parody as Backstreet Girls/New Queens on the Block, and Joey McIntyre (a personal heartthrob of mine in 4th grade) was in the audience. Carmen Carrera was the Trophy Girl for the night, (and did look bangin’). Performances included Panic! At the Disco, Oh Land, Wynter Gordon, and DJ Neon Hitch. As if that wasn’t enough, presenters included Real Housewives stars Gretchen Rossi and Lisa Vander, as well as The Beekman Boys.  Gaga won the big award while Bridesmaids won for must-see movie, and Most Addictive Reality Star went to Tabatha for Salon Takeover. Tabatha, by the way, gave a GREAT speech on being OUT and loving Drag Queens!Check out overviews here at and another from, which both do a great job!

And, in case you MISSED IT, watch the NewNowNext Awards here on LogoTV.

Quick Review: Episode 12, Season 3 – Jocks in Frocks

8 Apr

Hands down — the best episode in a while. The main challenge was to transform a group of All-American straight jocks into drag sisters. The small challenge was a dunking contest – SO gratifying.  Alexis Mateo kicked ass and devilishly relished the power to assign Raja and Carmen – aka “The Heathers” – to the manliest of jocks!

This borrowed theme from Ru’s other show, Drag U, to transform the most unlikely of characters into big ol’ drag queens, was hilarious — mostly because Alexis Mateo’s water polo playing jock was ONE FAB QUEEN, while Manila’s jock sensed her neuroses and brilliantly prayed on her the entire time. Now THAT’s good TV!

The guest judges, Sharon Osbourne & Margaret Cho (LOVE), were great this week as well. Eventually, Manila and her man won, (a cruise to the Bahamas, no less!) while Raja and Carmen, (brought back from the proverbial drag dead to sing for her life once more), did a scandalous lip-synch to Straight Up by Ms. Abdul.

One does wonder whether Raja might have been told beforehand she’d have to sing. The song was exceptionally good, and Raja was wearing an outfit totally unlike her on the runway that worked exceptionally well for a striptease. Her hair was also odd. Mandy smells a setup.

Anyway, it was still a great episode – watch it on and read more about this episode at

Tune in next week for… Episode 13, Make Dat Money. Get a Sneak Preview here!

Quick Update: RuPaul’s DragRace(s) Ep 3/10 – 11

5 Apr

Episode 10, Season 3: RuPaul-a-Palooza

Just a side note here on some of the discussions in the workroom in this episode: It’s weird to see the Heathers talking to the Boogers. I don’t like it. Heathers, the thing that makes you mean girls is that you follow through on your efforts to isolate the boogers! God. (Let us know what you think after you’ve seen it.)

And, now for the synopsis: This week the main challenge was to record RuPaul’s song, “Superstar” in one of 6 distinct musical styles. Manila is disco; Raja is punk; Yara is pop; Alexis is hip-hop; Carmen is reggae, and Shangela gets country.

All of the queens did horribly, but with the magic sound-mixing skills of RuPaul’s music producer Lucian Piane, the songs ended up great. Special guest judges were Jody Watley and Carmen Electra who were interesting but didn’t add much. (Feel free to leave a comment if you disagree.)

As usual, Raja brought something. Some would say she brought “it”. I say if that’s the future of drag, I am not interested. In the end, Carmen and Shangela lip SANC for their future drag lives. Shangela brought it, and Carmen went home.

For more on this episode, check out Watch the episode online, here.

Episode 11, Season 3: RuPaul’s Hair Extravaganza

The main challenge this week is to develop three distinct hairstyles/looks: the first is a “classic look from another era”, the second is a modern, red carpet-worthy look, and the third is a “fantasy hair extravaganza”.  In addition, Ru decides she wants the queens to make the fantasy hair extravaganza into an entire runway outfit made of hair.

Wayne Brady and Fantasia Barrino guest judge. Both are surprisingly interesting to watch and Santino stands out this week with a ridiculous hat, in which it is even harder than usual to take him seriously!

Yara is the super winner here with three great looks. Manila also does a fabulous classic look, and Raja totally bombs the “other era” look with a Shangela-inspired number that the judges love. Is it me? Does Raja wow in person and not translate well over TV? I am Just. Not. Seeing. It.

Alexis and Shangela end up lip-synching for their lives to “Even Angels” by Fantasia. Alexis is totally feeling it — BAM — and has to beat her friend and Drag Race Confidante, Shangela.  Raja snickers, what a bitch, while Shangela is handed her walking papers,  then RuPaul shocks everyone by telling her judges to pick one of the eliminated ladies to BRING BACK! Popwatch knows who it is — go here for a SPOILER ALERT.  Hint: The Heathers are BACK.

For more on this episode, does a great overview. Watch the episode online here.

Broadway Show Review: “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”

1 Apr

Priscilla” — the musical adaptation of the amazing movie we all know and love — is now running on Broadway in the FABULOUS Palace Theatre, (once known as the world’s most famous Vaudeville House).

From the website, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” tells the story of Tick, Bernadette and Adam, a glamorous Sydney-based performing trio who agree to take their show to the middle of the Australian outback. They hop aboard a battered old bus (nicknamed Priscilla) searching for love and friendship and end up finding more than they ever could have dreamed. For more, check out this amazing summary.

The central drag queen, Tick/Mitzi, is played by Will Swenson, most recently seen in Hair. Tony Sheldon, who originated the stage role of Bernadette in the Australian production, continued playing the part in London, Toronto, and now New York. Nick Adams plays Adam/Felicia, who, it may not surprise you, out-armed Mario Lopez in A Chorus Line.

The reviews are in:

From the NYTimes — But while it is performed with gleaming verve and infusions of bawdy humor — Tony Sheldon, who has been with the show from its Australian debut, is particularly winning as the gracious-lady transsexual Bernadette — “Priscilla” feels monotonous and mechanical.

From Variety — Standout performance comes from Sheldon, an Australian who has played the role on three continents thus far. His Bernadette is simultaneously outrageous and human, caustic yet warmhearted. Swenson does fine in heels and is especially tender when interacting with Benji. Adams, meanwhile, has high spirits and plenty for oglers to ogle…Finest work of the evening, along with that of Sheldon, comes from costume designers Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner. The pair shared an Oscar for the film, and their wares here — including those hats! — positively sparkle.

From —  The creators seem to have been so hell-bent on cramming the show with glitter and shtick that they’ve forgotten the people underneath.

Other reviews by lowly attendees are here.

Now for the Highkixx Review — Some of my best Highkickers and I made the Pilgrimage to the Palace Theatre on Saturday night. First, I’ll say I have a price, and that price is glitter, (and confetti). According to THAT criteria, Priscilla gets 5 stars! In addition, I enjoy a nice body and OH BOY, Nick Adams is ABSolutely amazing in this role.

However, I will say that there were a couple of underwhelming points. The one that comes to mind is the climax at the end of Act 2 after the queens make it to their destination and perform to screaming masses, (or at least a packed casino in the middle of nowhere). This was the perfect opportunity for a Broadway-style, awe-inspiring moment, but it’s performed BARE, as in on an empty stage! What is this, ART? GIVE ME A SET. This guy agrees.

I will say that they did a great job recreating the beauty of the opera-singing Benji on top of the bus. He was on a HUGE HEEL that actually extended out into the audience. So FUN!

All together, Highkixx gives “Priscilla” a thumbs up – after all, we are talking QUEENS on Broadway.  Also, I will never stop raving about the costumes. Check out my earlier post on the costuming for the show, and find a teaser for the show below, “WHO LEFT THAT CAKE OUT IN THE RAIN?!”

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