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Season 4 Episode 4: Queens Behind Bars!

27 Feb

Hi all! Well, I totally agree with Tommy D over at  This was a fab episode!

If you missed it, watch it here, IMMEDIATELY.  If you’re a busy bitch, then watch Jon and John’s Top 5 Moments.

First of all, Phi Phi and Sharon were a’yellin’ in this one:  “SHARON: Tired ass showgirl. PHI PHI: Go back to Party City where you belong.  (Throws vase)” FAB! Crasstalk has the whole story for you, including notes of the after-spat during Untucked!

The mini challenge this week had the queens pairing up, getting handcuffed, and doing each other’s faces for mugshots. Willam and Madame LaQueer were the odd couple that won, setting them up each as team captains in the main challenge for the week….

Split among the two teams, the queens went to jail to shoot, Hot in Tuckahoe under the expert tutelage of Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick.

Though it’s not clear that writer Oliver Sava actually likes watching the show, I am loving me some bitchy AVClub analysis, and I quote:Phi Phi is definitely this season’s most obnoxious queen, but Milan is getting close, trying to be a manipulative team member but lacking any sort of finesse.”

Some queens are not meant for sitcoms, (ahem, Madame Laqueer trying to get the “ew” right — no irony lost there….), but Latrice STOLE THE SHOW with, “Get those nuts away from my face!”, and was finally recognized for the win. Popwatch totally agrees — Go Latrice!

Guest judges were Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick and MadTV‘s Nicole Sullivan. (Thanks to the great photos from afterelton!)

As for the lip sync, Madame and Milan competed to TROUBLE by PINK. Milan went for it, but I think all agree that she didn’t turn it out. Her insane antics – (what is it called to drag yourself in strained splits across the entire runway dance floor?) – did get her the win over Madame LaQueer.

According to Pandora Boxx in her always fabulous NewNowNext RPDR Recap, “The two queens who end up in the bottom two are Milan and Madame LaQueer.  What’s the smell in the air?  It’s called Desperation and it’s the fragrance Milan is featuring.  In what has got to be one of the oddest Lip Sync For Your Lives, Milan did just about everything but flash her balls to get attention.  At one point she did a move I don’t even know how to describe so I’ll just go with Willam’s description, “She looked like she was Swiftering the floor with her taint.”  Line.  Of.  The.  Night.  Whatever Milan was doing worked.  She stayed.  Madame left.  And then there were nine.”

Looking forward to Snatch Game with the queens next week!

xo Mandy


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4, Episode 3: Putting the “Q” in QVC

16 Feb

Hello Highkickers! Another RuPaul’s Drag Race episode has come n’ gone! Here’s your recap:

The episode opened with a mini-challenge in which the queens were tasked with designing butterfly headbands for Piyah Martell. Piyah is a YouTube sensation and hardcore “Drag Race” fan who has followed her dreams of being an entertainer, despite being born with a condition that prevented her legs from growing. The winners of the challenge were Phi Phi, Kenya, and Jiggly. Phi Phi and Kenya were named team captains for the elimination challenge.

For the elimination challenge, the Drag Race contestants created infomercials for RuPaul’s album. Team Glamazon made an ’80s themed clip, complete with neon colors, big hair, animal print and retro slang, (Madame LaQueer, Kenya and Willam were standouts), while Team Champion was a bit of a mash up with Phi Phi O’Hara in charge. Thanks to Eric Rezsnyak at the RochesterCityNewspaper for a great overview of the episode!

Sharon Needles, though the bitch complained about being typecast as goth, did a great job and came away with the win—again. (Cut to Mandy eating crow re: Episode 1 review comment about Sharon Needles being a one-hit wonder! Check out more on this discussion on PopWatch!)

Kenya Micheals should have won. She was funny as hell!

Though on the simple side, I really liked the runway theme this week – Gold and Platinum, as in “All of RuPaul’s albums should go…” The judges were Glee‘s Amber Riley and Natalie Cole.

Chad Micheals especially stood out….

The big winner for the evening was – you guessed it – Sharon Needles. And, frankly, I did dig the shimmery Elvis wig.

Despite others who should be going home – ahem, Madame LaQueer?! – The Princess and Dida did the lip sync portion of the show. Normally, I think Dida rocks more of a “man in a wig” look, but let me tell you, Dida WORKED IT OUT.  She really brought it and The Princess was sent packing.

If you have a hankerin’ for more on Monday’s episode, check out NewNowNext for a fab overview from the one-and-only Pandora Boxx! And thanks to AfterElton for some fabeaux pictures this week!

Until next week,

xo Mandy

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4, Episode 2 aka “WWF in a Gay Club” Realness!

11 Feb

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens wrestled! This was a DragRace-first and the main focus of the episode. Get a great play-by-play from Miss Jaimie Etkin for the Huffington Post and if you missed it, get to werk girl! Watch the episode online here!

As for a Highkixx synopsis, this was “WWF in a gay club” realness! “AMAZING!” “BETTER THAN MIDGETS!”

Thanks to wetpaint for another fab overview. The episode started with the mini challenge – 30 minutes to cut out and place fab queen ass padding, which was thoroughly enjoyable.

Chad Michaels, Phi Phi O’Hara, and Willam rocked the challenge. The trio’s bumpy bottoms earned them the right to select three queens to be a part their respective wrestling teams. Feast your eyes on some fab ass shots from AfterElton.

Then came the wrestling. The queens were separated into three groups with two two-person queens each. My personal favorite team was the Bitter Betties, Kenya Micheals and Latrice Royale. Bitches OWNED that ring!

Can we spend some time on Latrice? My money is on this chick to win, (*please note, I am always wrong). Thanks to my dvr, I have replayed the way Latrice said “n-o-b-o-d-y”, as in “Who’s gonna beat me at wrestling? N-o-b-o-d-y”, like 17 times.  And Kenya Micheals is my second pick to win, (*please refer to note above). And, just for the record, I’m not the only one who thought they were robbed for the night’s win. PopWatch totally agrees!

The special guest judges were Rick Fox and John Salley.

As for the actual winners, Chad Michaels and Madame LaQueer (gimpy ankle and all) tied for first place. That meant their team won the evening overall (the catwalk was less of a factor with the winners of the evening). LaShauwn Beyond and The Princess were forced to fight it out in the lip sync. The judges did not like LaShauwn’s wrestling, outfit, or lip syncing and LaShauwn was sent packing!

All together a fab time was had by all (except LaShauwn!) as usual. Check out this sneak peak at next week when the queens will be hitting the catwalk once again with infomercials to boot!

Until then,

xo Mandy

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 4, Episode 1: RuPocalypse now!

3 Feb

Introducing the Season 4 Drag Race Queens!

First things first, get a fab who’s-who-breakdown from TomandLorenzo.

Now, in case you missed the first episode of season 4, aptly named RuPocalypse now!, let me offer a brief overview here….

There are always two challenges. The first and mini/humiliation challenge was to take a great photo on, like, a Lazy Susan#BadDragName. This looked a little something like this (at the best of times)….

I will confine notes on this to an outside link. See more online from Oliver Sava at the AVClub.

The second and main challenge was to develop a post-apocalyptic look using the pieces each queen contestant could snag away from a courtyard of hungry zombies! Queue the zombies and SURPRISE, they’re former drag race contestants! (Hello Ongina! Hello Raven! Hello Morgan McMichaels! Etc.)

This week’s Celebrity judges included Michelle Visage (LOVE HER), Santino (as my friend says, “Santino is the Carson Daily of drag; he falls flat, but every show needs a white male.” Yes/agree/love/hilarious), Mike Ruiz (look at those GUNS!), and FRICKIN ELVIRA – who looks, by the way, VAMPIRE GOOD. Like, seriously, what is her secret?!

Let me offer for you a sampling of the judge’s runway comments along with some great photos thanks to

On The Princess, “Waterworld couture – in case of emergency, your scarf can be used as a floating device.”

For Jiggly Caliente, “Baked potato couture” and “Hoarding is the new black”

On Latrice Royale, “Beyond Thunder Thighs!”

And finally, for the winner, Sharon Needles, “Milan, Milan is burning – let this be a message to all of us, don’t smoke in bed”

Check out more on creepy Ms. Sharon Needles from Popwatch. (No worries, this was hers to win. She won’t be so lucky with more goth themes all season!)

Sadly, we said a too-soon-goodbye to Alisa Summers this week. Find out more about this fab queen here.

Until next week when I’ll be reporting on RuPaul’s drag queens wrestling!

xo Mandy

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