Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 4: Episode 5 “Snatch Game”

4 Mar

Snatch Game last week! Yay! Additional great news: John Polly, of Jon&John is writing for HuffPost: Gay Voices and he does a great overview of last week’s episode!

As always, do not miss Jon&John’s Top 5 Moments and watch the episode online here!

So, let’s get into it! The mini challenge was a group of games called Beat The Cock. The games in the show: Cock-a-Doodle Ru, Pluck a Duck and Choke the Rooster included pinning rubber chickens on a poster of RuPaul, blowing feathers across the room without letting them touch the ground, throwing rings around fake roosters, and carrying raw eggs across the room between their legs. (Pandora Boxx does a great overview of the week’s episode — the queen has serious knowledge of old game shows!)

Anyway, Phi Phi won overall and got a phone call home, which she gave to Chad Michaels so that he could call his partner for their eighth anniversary. AVClub had a great overview of this moment: ”It’s a very sweet move from the show’s resident bitch, although it will be completely negated by her unbridled obnoxiousness throughout the rest of the episode.” Ha!

The highlight of that cute little call between Chad and his partner? “Chad: “I’m going to wear the giraffe bodysuit you made for me today.” Chad’s partner: “Fun!”

And now, let’s talk about the week’s main challenge — SNATCH GAME! Woo-hoo! This is always a fabulous train wreck – LOVE!

In Snatch Game, the girls each bring their impersonation to the show in which Ru hosts and two judges answer questions and see which queen comes closest to one of the judge’s answers.

As for the actual game, there was a range of characters….

There were some innocuous characters: Willam did a safe Jessica Simpson and Dida was solid as Wendy Williams. There were also some “Good God, stop” characters, which included the majority of the front row: Jiggly, (PLEASE get her off the show!), as Snooki; Phi Phi as Gaga, (who ignored Ru’s warning about doing Gaga); and Kenya Michaels, (who did a Paula Abdul-tinged impersonation of Beyonce…)

Finally, Sharon Needles TURNED IT OUT channeling Drag Race Judge Michelle Visage, while Chad Michaels took home the entire game with a SPOT-ON impersonation of multiple generations of Cher…

“I spread La Mer on my toast. I’m Cher, bitch!”

As an additional highlight, Latrice freaked out at the group the next day about the unprofessional “romper room” atmosphere in the front row during the game. He was really upset! As he said, “I was hotter than fish grease, girl!”

Guest judges were comedian Ross Mathews & original Dreamgirl Loretta Devine.

Chad was named winner in his gorgeous giraffe suit, Jiggly somehow made it another week, Willam was told he needed to be more vulnerable, and Milan and Kenya went up for elimination to Vogue with Kenya eventually losing.

As Ru said, “Kenya Micheals, impersonating Beyonce is not your destiny, child.”

Some notable moments? Sharon Needles’ plastic surgery runway look and her laugh exchange with Michelle Versage….

And, Willam’s runway outfit and his tears during judging. Sharon Needles called that bitch out real quick during Untucked quipping, “She ordered those tears from China.” Ha!

(Thanks to Queerty for the fab photos this week)

Until tomorrow’s episode!

xo Mandy


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