Season 4, Episode 7: Float Your Boat!

12 Mar

Welcome welcome welcome! If you missed Episode 6, Float Your Boat, watch it here. As usual, do not miss 5 Moments on Drag Ya Later with Jon & John!

In this episode, the first challenge is Spring-Break at Dragtona! themed — a wet t-shirt contest with HUGE (creepy) porn star breast plates! The girls are given Glamazon t-shirts to style and then judged by a huge group of extras while water is poured on them. (Check out Mike McComb’s write up for in-depth coverage on TV’sLatest.)

Overall, this challenge is a little hard to watch, but interesting since there has been significant debate since the dawn of Drag Race amongst the judges about the use of breast plates. The Highkixx opinion? Ru wants to get BOOBS out of everyone’s system. Boy, this did it for me. I have made my decision on breast plates and I am SO OVER them.  Regardless, the girls all take the assignment in stride, which was notable and impressive. (See Motorboatin’!)

Willam wins the mini challenge saying, ever so delicately: “I won. You know, it’s kind of a hobby of mine. Thank you God for all this bod.” (Check out Bust’s Magazine Blog for more Willam quotes from this episode.)

And now for the main challenge, which was a bit of a Pride jumble this week! First the queens get a quick review of the 1969 Stonewall Riots as a defining moment in the gay rights movement. Then the queen’s get the week’s assignment: design your own fashion forward boat-shaped floats to show off Pride with one of the eight colors from the original Pride flag: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Indigo and Purple, with the overall theme being “Hope Floats”.

Judging the runway this week are Michelle Visage, Billy B, LA Pride Grand Marshal Kelly Osbourne and NCIS’ Pauley Perrette.

As for the runway, Jiggly keeps describing her float as, “Very Saint Tropez,” which may just mean, “Very orange” and Latrice really turns out the hair and makeup.

Milan describes her boat as the drag invasion of Fire Island. Michelle says Milan’s concept doesn’t show up at all in the final product. Billy goes farther, saying this boat showed off Milan’s pride instead of Pride. “I’m a little offended,” Billy says.

Willam rocks some couture and plasters his boat with little stickers, he presumable always packs around, of himself in a star and does do a great performance on the runway, even pointing out the amenities on his float: “WiFi, full service gym and a business center.” All the judges love the look and Billy adds, “You give very good masthead.”

Willam wins while Jiggly Caliente and Milan Lip Sync for their lives!

This week’s lip sync track is Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. Both performers do a surprisingly ok job — jump splits and all. You can tell Milan is sick of lipsync(ing) for her life and is taking the queue. As it turns out…”London, Paris, Milan: the world is calling,” RuPaul says. “Now sashay away.”

(Note: We’re all amazed Jiggly is still in. Read on about Milan losing as well as a follow-up interview with Milan at PopWatch.)

As always, check out Pandora Boxx’s NewNowNext Recap and thanks to AfterElton for some fab photos!

Here’s a reminder of where we stand….

We’ll see you next week for a recap on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Episode 7…READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!




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