RuPaul’s Drag Race: Episode 7, Season 4: “Dragazines”

19 Mar

Back for another week, I see! As always for more help catching up on last week’s episode, see John Polly with Huffpost GayVoices and don’t forget to watch Jon & John!

If you missed it, watch this week’s full episode online with Logo! And, thanks to Queerty and for fab overviews this week!  

As wen enter episode 7, the mini challenge is the “reading” of the other queens. Miss Pandora Boxx does a great overview of her favorite “reads”, which she refers to as “bitch pudding” — Ha!

Here are a couple of the best reads of the evening…

Dida to Latrice – “You’re free now.  You don’t have to rock the yard sandals anymore.”

Sharon to Dida – “Dida Ritz, a lot of you girls like to clock me for painting my skin on the gray side but I was inspired by your knees.  They’re the same color as Willam’s chin.”

Finally, RuPaul gives Latrice Royale the win with her continued and fabulous command of acronyms — Latrice to Jiggly, “BMW: Body (snap) Made (snap) Wrong.”

For the main challenge, the queens launch their own Ru-style magazine according to various themes. The queens have to design the magazine, articles, and cover as Editor’s in Chief.

As the mini challenge winner, Latrice doles out the “dragazine” titles…
Battle of the Bulge aka fitness for Jiggly Caliente; 
Tastes Like Chicken aka food for Dida Ritz; Sugar Walls aka home décor for Willam; Kitty Cats aka cat lovers for Sharon Needles; Sashay Away aka travel for Phi Phi O’Hara; Eleganza aka fashion for Chad Michaels; and What’s the T aka celebrity gossip for Latrice Royale.

The queens meet with hottie Jonathan Clay Harris for a magazine photo shoot to go on the cover of their “dragazines”.

A notable cover shot is Sharon Needles (keeping us on our toes, as usual!)

Mentioned across the blogosphere was the Sharon Needles homage to “Little Edie” in Grey Gardens for her dragazine look.

Brightest Young Things picked it up, as did AVClub and, a newcomer to Highkixx, Chad Sell on Actually, Chad also does great illustrations. I thought I’d share a few from this week.

First, “Little Sharon” ….

Chad Micheal’s edgy rock look….

and Willam’s pink lip sync look!

As for judges this week, the returning judges Michelle Visage and Santino Rice sit with actress Regina King, and singer Pam Tillis.

After the runway, Sharon, Dida, Latrice, and Chad are safe. Jiggly finds herself in the bottom two for the third time. Willam joins Jiggly in the bottom and the pair lip syncs to “Mi Vida Loca” by guest judge Pam Tillis.

Phi Phi O’Hara wins the “dragazine” challenge with her “Sashay Away” travel magazine cover.

This is the first win for Phi Phi and, notably, she did do a great job on the runway this week…

As for the lip sync, Willam is always a strong contender. However, at first, it doesn’t look like he’s going to turn it out until his little coy panty-less move puts him over the top and completely outshines Jiggly in a second.

In the end, RuPaul tells Willam to “chantay you stay” and for Jiggly “sashay away”. Deuces!

Dragazine is fab, isn’t it!?! Check out deleted scenes from dragazine “Letters to the Editor” here! (Dida does a surprisingly good one!)

Until next week!

xo Mandy


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