RuPaul’s Drag Race 4, Episode 8: “Frenemies”

21 Mar

Hi all! Back for another week and OH MY is the blogosphere all a-buzz about last night’s episode.  If you missed it, watch it here, and do not miss John&Jon’s recap! Also, check out this great NewNowNextTumblr. Fab!

The mini challenge this week is actually not a challenge so much as a lie detector test with a bit of a creepy/funny Ed Wood feel to it, (aka throroughly enjoyable!)

Ru asks some great questions…“If [another queen on the show] were the last ladyboy on earth, would you kai kai with her?”

According to Queerty:

Sharon would kai kai with Phi Phi.

Phi Phi would not kai kai with Sharon.

And everyone would kai kai with Latrice.


Based on the answers in the mini challenge, the queens are paired with their frenemy, (ALWAYS cast for conflict, folks…)! The partners are Phi Phi and Sharon, Latrice and Willam, and Dida and Chad. The main challenge is then unveiled: put together a stage act (including real singing!) to “Better Than You,” (a drag version of “Anything You Can Do”).

Guest judges this week are really fun — Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Tilly!

After the performances….

Willam and Latrice, (who did a polished job), emerge as the top team…

…while Sharon and Phi Phi, (who are lucky to hold it together at all considering their past on the show), are in the bottom and forced to lip sync against each other to “It’s Raining Men (The Sequel)” performed by Martha Wash and RuPaul.

Oddly, just before the lip sync, Willam notably steps toward the side of the stage in the background and ralphs over the edge. WHAT is going on?

Back to the show….I am a little bummed out at Sharon’s lip sync while Phi Phi is throwing himself around giving it effort, but not really talent, and losing his wig in the process.

We’re awaiting the Ru Paul’s judgement on Sharon and Phi Phi, when, in a surprise RPDR TWIST, Ru Paul calls Willam to stage front and says the following: “You have broken the rules. Rules that are in place to protect the fairness of this competition… Willam, I have to ask you to leave the competition immediately. Sashay away.” HUH?

One assumed there might be some explanation offered either during the show, on Untucked, or online afterwards. No such luck!

The show did release a statement via the NewNowNext Blog“During the filming of the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, it was brought to the producers attention that Willam had not complied with the rules as set forth in his competition contract. As a result, and in fairness to the other contestants, Willam was forced to leave the show. This issue will be addressed in the upcoming reunion special.”

I like Genevieve Koski’s view on this via AVClub“…[G]iven Drag Race’s propensity for appropriating and blowing up reality-show tropes, there’s also the distinct possibility that Willam—who was a semi-successful actor before joining the program—and the producers conspired to create a false controversy that would bring both the show and Belli a little extra attention…Whatever wig she’s wearing, though, it’s clear Willam’s real gift is for self-promotion.”

However you feel about Willam, he did bring C-U-N-T to the show. Do you already miss him? To feed your habit, here’s a recent video from Willam — “Chow Down (At Chick-Fil-A)” — an ode to the hate mongering/delicious chicken-shack.


Somehow it’s so fitting that Willam Belli was both the winner and the loser this week. Thanks to Tom + Lorenzo for the fab photos. We’ll see you next time when the ladies get political with Frock the Vote!

xo Mandy


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