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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 Finale! (ISH)

29 Apr

Hello, fellow Highkickers!

After taking a break from the competition last week the queens are back, but BOY did this “Finale” episode leave us wanting more! If you missed it, watch it here. Don’t forget to get John&Jon’s take — (Damiania Garcia also joins the boys this week). Check out the recap here.

As you likely know by now, the three final queens – Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels, and Phi Phi O’Hara – were shaking in their platforms on Monday as Ru announced, “America’s next Drag Superstar will be…(long pause)…announced next week.” What?! C’mon! That’s right — NO WINNER. We will have to wait until next week to find out who the winner is, who wins the Miss Congeniality Prize, and why the hell Willam was kicked off the show! Unbelievable!

According to Perez Hilton, Ru said of the event, “The race is so close that I couldn’t resist sharing the excitement of the final crowning moment with an audience of superfans. This is just the beginning of ‘Drag Race’ live events for future seasons!”

We shall have to see how that plays out! As far as this week goes, the episode revolves around the making of RuPaul’s new music video for “Glamazon”…

While there are no guest judges, Candis Cayne does stop by to offer choreography tips. As you may know, Candis has been on the show previously and a judge on Drag U. (For those of you who do not know Candis, I can offer an interesting factoid. According to her Wikipedia entry, “Cayne is the first transgender actor to play a recurring transgender character in prime time…as the transgender character Alexis Stone in season six of Nip/Tuck.”

We also get a visit from previous Drag Race winners, Raja and Tyra Sanchez, who swing by to practice Drag Race violence with the girls!

Watch the final product, the “Glamazon” video, here. The video stars not only the three remaining finalists, but also features this season’s guest judges, including Elvira, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Tilly, and Rose McGowan. (You also get to see Santino get stomped on, which is a pleasure in and of itself!)

The ladies certainly work the runway this week. While Chad is a professional who never lets you down, Sharon is definitely the wittiest, and Phi Phi does have a bit of sparkle!

Thanks to Tom+Lorenzo for the fab pics and a great overview this week! Check out this fab tidbit from T+L, “Y’know, we were fully prepared to start this recap off with the word ‘Ugh,’ and then follow it with another 700 words on how disgusted we are by the win, but instead we’re ughing over something completely different.” Ha!

Until next week…

xo Mandy


Season 4, Episode 11: The Fabulous B*tch Ball

15 Apr

Another fab week for the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race! If you missed the episode, watch it here!

John&Jon really sum it up this week – NAMASTE Latrice!

Also, check out the LOGO Tribute to Latrice here. Fabulous REALNESS.

The mini challenge this week has the ladies again reading the other girls, this time via puppets of their likeliness. It is entertaining and I am LOVING the Latrice puppet!

For the main challenge, the queens are tasked with putting together three separate looks for the Bitch Ball, sort of meant to resemble an old-school ballroom drag competition.

The categories are Daytime Dog Park Realness, Pooch Party Girl, and Canine Couture. The last look is inspired by actual dogs, which are assigned to the queens by mini-challenge winner Chad. Sharon gets the standard poodle; Chad takes the Chinese Crested; Latrice gets a Pomeranian; and what does Chad give Phi Phi? The bloodhound. That’s right, grrl!

This week’s guest judges are FAB – Wynonna Judd and Rose McGowan!

Sharon wins with those goddamn great boots(!) while Chad and Latrice lipsync for their lives to my favorite of Wynonna’s hits…

Unfortunately, Latrice sashays, but can that queen make an exit!!! (Again, I refer you to John&Jon’s Latrice tribute this week!)

Thanks to Tom+Lorenzo for the photos and the FAB overview this week. I especially like their thoughts on the Final 3:

We would have loved to have seen [Latrice] in the Final 3, if not the winner of the whole season… But Ru and Co. expect a certain amount of polish and if you didn’t have it when you got here, you better pick it up along the way. Latrice never really did… We’re upset that she’s gone… We’re FAR MORE upset that a bland, nasty queen like Phi Phi is in the Final 3… Oh, Ru. Must you do this to us every year?

Thank you, boys. My thoughts EXACTLY. Chad, Sharon and Latrice get it. To make a life choice to be a drag queen is to absorb all the hate that’s been thrown at you and send back LOVE. Who knows how this will change with new generations, and maybe Phi Phi is emblematic of that change, but I’ll take love over hate any day. Thanks, ladies (not Phi Phi), for the positive message!

And now, a special HIGHKIXX tribute to Latrice Royale with a message from the lady herself to her Royale Court.

Here she is: Undeniably unbreakable!

Get up and look sickening and make them eat it. Eat it. Because this really is the beginning of the rest of your life. Get it. Get it. Get it. WISE WORDS!

Until next week,

xo Mandy

Episode 10, Season 4: “DILFs: Dads I’d Like to Frock”

9 Apr

If you missed it, watch the episode on LOGO online. I usually throw a note in about Jon&John’s fab recaps. Apart from the love they show Latrice Royale, I did not love the treatment this week. You be the judge!

As for the episode – AMAZING! This week started out with a little civil disobedience from the Top 4 ladies – No Mo Hos! – in protest regarding the return of a previously eliminated queen.

Lucky for them, Ru brings back one of our faves – lil Kenya Michaels!

The mini challenge is Build a (Drag) Bear realness. All of the queens do a FAB job. Kenya wins with La Trannnnnssssbear – (the little pink pasties put this bear over the top…)

I LOVE Latrice’s bear, Portia The Pooh!

All of the bears will be auctioned off at this year’s gala, Bear to Make a Difference, via the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Get your tickets for the September event!

For the main challenge, the queens are asked to transform four DILFs (Dad’s I’d Like To Frock) into some sort of new acronym that explains “Expectant Drag Queen Moms I’d Like to Frock”….(we’ll sum that up with MILFs). They are also asked to make a clear family relation between themselves and their DILFs.

The queens get to work on the makeover and then find out they have to do a striptease as well!

Guest Judges this week are Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family and Jennifer Love Hewitt of vajazzling/Ghost Whisperer/etc. fame.

Phi Phi wins this challenge — (she did have the fishiest DILF)…

Kenya and Latrice must lipsync to “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin.

Let’s just pause here…Latrice BRINGS. THE. HOUSE. DOWN. I urge you to watch the entire episode, but here is a glimpse of the lipsync. SO much heart!

This drag queen sang to the baby she’s carrying! I was sobbing. Sobbing! (JLove was, too.) It was so touching. And very Murphy Brown, for those who remember that episode…(here’s a little reminder…)

In the end, Kenya goes home — we’ll miss you, lil fishstick!

Off to next week we go with the FINAL four queens. I have a list of the order in which I’d like the queens to go, (Phi Phi sashays next, then Chad, then Latrice, and Sharon wins). Agree?

Thanks to Tom + Lorenzo for the fab photos this week!

Until next week –

xo Mandy

RuPaul Drag Race Season 4, Episode 9: Frock the Vote

2 Apr

This week, Ru gets political with Frock the Vote! As always, watch the episode online on LOGO if you missed it, and do not miss Jon&John recapping the Top 5 Moments of this week. John Polly also does a nice and quick overview for Huffington Post: Gay Voices.

AVClub,, and Rochester City Newspaper did great overviews this week…Here’s the Highkixx take!

This week’s episode starts out with a bit of a product-placement mini-challenge. The five remaining queens — Chad Michaels, Dida Ritz, Latrice Royale, Sharon Needles, and Phi Phi O’Hara — design stripper heels to match 5 Signature Absolut cocktails. Phi Phi wins with some seriously heinous heels. Tom+Lorenzo have fab photos of the winning (and losing) heels! As I am sure you will agree, Sharon’s heels are the best with a (random but fab) American Indian theme that Ru deems very “NAVA-HO” — HA!

The main challenge is a bit more serious – a mock debate for the first drag-queen President of the United States…from the Wig Party!

This is interesting since it taps into an active/or non-existent interest in politics on the part of the queens. While Chad eschews politics, Dida is terrified of politics. Meanwhile, Sharon argues that it’s important to stand up for your rights and to have a voice in the process.

At the debate, Chad (ever-professional) made it work with a pimp approach…

While Dida and Latrice fall pretty flat, Phi Phi goes a bit overboard with her Palin-esque Southern Belle candidate and ends up getting a little racist.

Meanwhile, Sharon holds it together and plays it straight and witty with a fab opening line, “America’s Government Needs a Sex Change.”

Overall, the debate is somewhat cringe-worthy, but definitely good TV!

Now for the runway, which is Inaugural Ball themed! The guest judge this week is Dan Savage, sex-advice columnist, and creator of the It Gets Better movement.

Chad absolutely wipes the floor with all of them – Ru deems Chad Gorge Bush Dan Savage says, Mamie Eisenhower! Feast your eyes on inaugural realness…

Latrice is fab, but misses the mark a bit. Michelle Visage tends to push Latrice on her wardrobe and this time takes serious issue with Latrice’s bra strap showing. As usual, Latrice takes it in stride…

Sharon wins — totally based on her wit. Sharon wears a see-through pantyhose number she argues symbolizes her “transparency”. Further, her rationale is that it’s going to be 100 years before a drag queen becomes president, so she’s dressed for an inauguration in the year 2112. This plays well with the judges for sure!

So Sharon wins her third round this season and Dida and Latrice lipsync.

Latrice is ON POINT and Dida goes home this week. Now, we’re down to four queens, except, SURPRISE, Ru announces we’ll be seeing one of the already eliminated queens coming back! Gasp! Who will it be?! We will find out next week.

Thanks to,, Tumblr for the fab photos this week!

Tune in to LOGO for the next episode!

Xo Mandy

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